Indulge Your Hair This Thanksgiving

The Thanksgiving feast may seem like a food overload but many of the ingredients are actually great for your hair.

Turkey is a great source of protein which is vital for hair growth. A side of sweet potatoes will give you beta carotene which your body converts into vitamin A. Vitamin A can keep your hair from turning dull. It can also protect your skin from dryness helping to reduce dandruff. And what about cranberries? They are a true superfood, helping to reduce inflammation which can affect your hair follicles growing power. They also contain lots of vitamin C which can help repair damaged follicles.

So enjoy the yearly indulgence. You are not only growing strong relationships with friends and family while feasting, you are helping your scalp to grow a great head of hair too.

Bluma Marcus

Bluma Marcus is the editor of She lives with her husband and five children in southern California.

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