I’m Busy, But Not Too Busy for Great Hair

danger of sunblock

My name is Mark Edwards and I’m busy. I work at a high end hair salon and write for frollicle.com. I don’t have a lot of spare time for breaks or even lunch. In fact, I’m eating my sandwich as I type this.  I know some doctor friends who take an hour off for lunch and good for them, but i haven’t taken off for lunch since the 80’s. I’m sure its killing you to know why I would take lunch off in the 80’s so I will tell you. I was dating a singer songwriter who looked like Gwen Stefani.

In life there are things you can skip and then there are things you cannot skip. You can skip lunch but you cannot skip hair maintenance. You can’t pour chemicals on your head and hope for great looking hair. Your hair follicles can only work with what you give them. I use, and highly recommend only using, organic essential oils. I personally subscribe to the 2 minute club. This is a club of people who use organic shampoos and let the goodness sit for 2 minutes.  Yes, I take a deep breath for two minutes, plan my day, think of me blessings in life, repeat my mantra: I’m too blessed to be stressed, I’m too thankful to be hateful. By the time I envision my plan for the day, 120 seconds has lapsed and the oils have seeped into my scalp.  I  feel the magic happening.  As busy as we are, somehow, we find two minutes for our looks.

Why am I  fired up about this right now? Well, a client came in today claiming life was harsh and everything was going wrong. I took one look and said: “You let your health and hygiene go to hell. You have time to watch ‘ The League’ and you say you don’t have two minutes for your hair care? Life respects those who respect life. Suit up or shut up.” Snap. I was mad. I’m not usually mad, but I was tough on him because I’ve known him since high school. It’s the same sad song he’s been singing his whole life.

I got home, maybe an hour ago, opened a bottle of Oban and started writing this post. Obviously while working on my friend’s hair it was clear that he was buying no name or big name shampoos from his local drugstore. “Its 2015”, I told him, “you got Uber, you got Amazon, its time you sign up for an online club of the highest grade organic shampoos that come directly to your door so you never run out.”

It is simple math. If you treat your hair follicle right, it’ll be good to you. Like my wife tells me, treat a woman right and she’ll be good to you. Wait, here comes the shocker: Ready? I’m taking off lunch on Tuesday to take my wife out. I’ve got to treat her right.



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