Hair And Nails: Lessons In Growth

Male Barber Giving Client Haircut In Shop
Right now, I’m not sure if my bank account is growing. I’m not sure if my social circle or my world knowledge is growing. But I’m 100% sure that my hair and nails are growing.

Sure life would be easier if our bank accounts grew steadily like our hair. Hair and nail growth seem so effortless. But you don’t make friends or get new clients without effort and work. Grass and trees need to be watered, projects need to be nurtured and relationships need time and effort. So what’s the driving force behind our constant trips to the barber?

The girls are out having their nails done. This gives me some time to reflect on hair and nails. As a stylist, I personally work with hair and I’ve seen the impact of stress, diet and shampoos on the hair quality of my clients. Staying above the stress with play, eating a healthy diet, and using chemical free shampoos are simple small steps you can take to help your hair grow effortlessly.

Over the last eleven years I’ve seen a lot of  the same wonderful people walk into my salon. I’ve seen some of them grow into successful and very attractive people. But you know their little secret? Small steps. That’s it. I watched it happen over years, slowly, constantly, these people pushed a little bit everyday towards their goals.

Life could be so overwhelming sometimes that you don’t know where to start. We know the current situation is not what you want, but how can you make it all change?
That’s when I tell people to look at their hair and nails. Firstly, you need to look good to feel good. Next, think about the slow but constant growth of your hair and nails. Don’t try to change everything at once. Is there one small thing you want to fix in your life that you can easily change right now? Yes, I’m sure your car needs a wash. That’s easy.

Learn from your hair and nails to take tiny baby steps all day long and soon enough people will notice the new you.

So relax, focus on the smallest item you can deal with right, then fix it and move on to the next. Sooner than later you’ll be due for a hair cut and you will love your new look.

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