The Comeback: The Original Shampoo

I’ve been around long enough to see hair styles come and go and then come back again. I love watching an old classic come back with a twist. Now I’m watching the world of shampoo getting back to basics.

I did some research on what humans like my great-great grandfather (who I’m sure was handsome and had a great mustache) used as shampoo. The answer will both gross you out and inform you. As early as the 1500s, people in India used the pulp of a fruit called soapberries combined with some herbs and even hibiscus flowers to keep their gorgeous hair thick and full. Other cultures rinsed and lathered with pure olive oil.  This was an expensive ordeal and was done monthly. Sure that’s a long way from the chemicals we put in our hair today. So that’s why I was so happy to see new lines of organic oils being sold online and in stores. Pura D’or has an amazing line of all organic, gluten free, oil based shampoo that is truly reminiscent of the original shampoo.  I like it.

Nature always knows what to do. The natural essential oils that Pura D’or blends together creates a complex infusion of different fruits and plants that works hard  to make your hair visibly healthy and gorgeous.

Fashion is always changing, but somethings stay true always. Every girl will always need a classic black dress and every girl needs a great secret weapon shampoo. I’ve recommended the 2 Minute Club to many of my girlfriends and their hair has started to look thicker and fuller.

So get back to basics with natures very own cure to thinning hair. Looking good never goes out of style.



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