My Advice for Donald Trump’s Hair

my advice for Donald Trump and his hair

my advice for Donald Trump and his hair

I’m not into politics (unless its a fashion war between Paris and New York) but I do have some advice for presidential candidate Donald Trump and his hair.

I have no reason to believe that it’s fake. In fact, a while ago, during the ALS Ice Bucket challenge phenomenon, Donald had Miss Universe and Miss America dump purified “Trump” bottled water over his head.  The YouTube video confirms that Forbes Magazine’s most talked about hair is real.

You may be asking, hey Mark, who are you to give hair advice to a billionaire? You’re right. I don’t have tips on the hottest properties or latest electric cars, but I have been working with hair my whole life. I spend more time with hair than some parents spend with their kids. Just imagine those lion trainers that are featured on National Geographic, and how they seem to talk to the animals. It’s not a secret that devoting your life to hair gives you an edge on the subject matter. I communicate with hair like Kevin Richards communicates with lions. When I start working with someones hair, I can tell what Jimmy Hendrix felt like when he picked up a guitar. It’s magical, but more important, its also scientific.

Trump has somehow kept his hair and his career looking good. At his age, it could be genetics, it could be organic shampoos and therapies, it could be luck. Either way, here is my tip for the man who has a lot invested in his hair.

Dear Donald Trump,

I know you are busy and I want to help you. You won’t have to travel to Newport Beach and spend hours at my Salon, you don’t even need a salon, all you need to do is treat your hair like the potential voters you want to keep.

1) Don’t chase it away. If you use a shampoo that contains sulfate, you’re basically telling your hair that you hate it.  Hair follicles, if not treated right, will loosen up and let your hair fall out. Sulfate irritates the scalp and totally ruins the relationship between you and your hair. So don’t chase your hair away with chemically infused shampoos. If a young women holding a spray bottle approaches you right before you go on camera, ask her what’s in it.

2) Be nice to your scalp.  We all see plenty of men and women with great heads of hair, but as a real-estate investor you know its all about what you don’t see. And behind every good head of hair is a great scalp. I suggest you use organic shampoos that harness the natural oils that were created for the scalp. Keep your scalp happy and your hair will stick around. (Try for organic shampoos)

3) Give me 2 minutes a day.  What I find is that people who spend a little more on an organic scalp friendly shampoo, often rush it. Don’t make that mistake. I suggest you get organic Pura D’or shampoo and conditioner,  Let it sit in your hair for 2 minutes. Or even better.  Have your Miss Universe massage the organic pure shampoo into your scalp for 2 minutes while you take a call from a reporter. Or have Miss America rub some Pura D’or conditioner into your hair for 2 minutes while you calculate how much money your new resort is making in those 2 minutes.

Wishing you much hair success,

Yours Truly,

Mark E. (For


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