The New Hair Loss Shampoo Everyone Is Talking About

There’s a new shampoo out there that I’m super excited about. I love the Pura d’Or hair care products and I am pretty faithful to the brand. My whole family is. My kids with sensitive skin love it because their scalps no longer itch. My husband loves it because he feels like it’s really helping to keep baldness at bay. I love it because it’s really helped to stop the cycle of hair loss that every woman who’s had kids suffers from. So I’m constantly checking to see what kind of new hair care products they are coming out with.

On Black Friday, as I was checking through my usual shopping sites, I of course went to to see if they were offering any deals. I noticed a brand new product on their homepage. It’s called the ProLine. I clicked on it and started reading about it. Unlike most other shampoos and conditioners which are all water based, this one’s base is aloe vera juice. If you have ever had a sunburn you know how soothing the aloe vera plant can be. It’s a known, natural anti inflammatory. One reason for hair loss is inflamed follicles. So putting aloe vera directly on your head has got to be a good thing.

I also noticed the addition of ingredients such as apple seed extract and rosemary oil. There are studies that show that apple seed extract may regrow hair better than prescription hair loss shampoos, and that rosemary oil with head massage can help you keep your existing hair. Washing my hair is a head massage, so why not get the most benefit from these two minutes I spend every day on this necessary chore?

I quickly clicked on the sign up link. I’m super excited to receive this new shampoo in the mail. I’m sure it will live up to its hype and beyond.


Bluma Marcus

Bluma Marcus is the editor of She lives with her husband and five children in southern California.

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